We regret to inform you today that we will soon be shutting down our ArmA 2 Epoch server permanently. The server has been running for over 6 consecutive months and is almost always full, we would like to thank all of our donators, staff and players for helping to make Skaronator Epoch an amazing experience. We plan to open an ArmA 3 Epoch server in the future when the Epoch mod for ArmA 3 is released however until then will not be keeping the ArmA 2 server running. Thank you for all of your help and continued support, we hope to see you around for ArmA 3 Epoch.

There will be a server downtime on 24/02/2014 from 1pm (UTC+1) as we are changing the server hardware in order to improve performance and make your playing experience more enjoyable. The server should be back up and running within an hour and the server IP will remain the same, you can connect via the same IP ( Thank you for your understanding.

Due to recent changes you are now required to maintain your base once every 7 days rather than the previous 10 day timer, please be aware of this.
We have reduced the time in which you need to keep your base maintained due to the large amount of basebuilding objects scattered around the server. We hope that this will reduce the amount of lag, with the addition of larger bases costing more. Please try to keep your bases relatively small to keep any lag to a minimum.

The server has been sucsessfully updated to DayZ Epoch v1.0.4.1. You can patch via DayZCommander or directly through our homepage. You can check out the changelog for the patch here, featuring a lot of the work done by myself (Skaronator) in the patch. Remember that you need to maintain your base at least once every 10 days (recommended), as your base will despawn following 14 days of not being maintained.

We have just updated the server to DayZ Epoch v1.0.4. You can download the patch via our homepage or directly through DayZCommander. You can check out the changelog for the patch here, featuring a lot of the work done by myself (Skaronator) in the patch.

In this update we have re-added building maintenance to the game, meaning that player made bases will decay over time. We hope to lower the amount of objects on the server with this update, thus improving the performance of the server as a whole. The building maintenance will be done periodically, with the first whole decay being done on Friday (31/01/2014) at 3pm UTC+1. You need to keep your base actively maintained until that date to ensure that your base parts will not despawn. After the first decay we will be changing the maintenance time from 7 days to 10 days, meaning that base parts will despawn after this amount of time if not kept maintained.

How much will maintenance cost?
The maintenance prince depends on how many objects you have in your base, for now we will be using the default maintenance prices from DayZ Epoch.

How do you maintain your base?
Put your cursor over your plotpole and you should get 2 options, ‘Maintain Area Preview’ which will tell you how much it will cost to maintain your base and ‘Maintain Area’ which will actually maintain your base.

Happy new Year!

A very happy New Year to all our players, and good luck for 2014! We wish you a very good year.
We continue to support the server and are constantlly striving to update and improve, with updates almost daily, so keep an eye out for them. See you in the game!

We have recentlly sucsessfully updated the server to a newer and (hopefully) more stable version, expect better server performance and more exciting updates coming soon.