Server Infos!

You can find more information about our dedicated server on our info page. is relaunching with the new ArmA3: Epoch Mod Alpha, an advancement from the well-known Epoch Mod for ArmA 2. Set in the year 2035, it has been two years since the mass extinction of the majority of mankind. What will you do to survive?

Base Building

1Use the new improved Base-Building system by setting up your own base and customize it with many new options to choose from, profiting from Arma3 and PhysX as well as the new Building Interaction System.

The World

2 The world in Arma 3 Epoch allows for a much more realistic and immpersive world, more advanced than ever before with features like extreme weather including ​Air and Water temperatures, and even Lightning!


3Enjoy a new trading system with the ability to easily trade with Player-to-Player trading menus and persistent NPC traders with randomly and dynamically chosen home and work locations.

Loot system

4With the new Epoch there is the ability to look even furthur into the world with things like Ship Wrecks, abandoned vehicles and buildings, caves and hidden underground bunkers, as well as multipart reward based missions for you and your friends to complete