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Total Episodes: 1505
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Better Call Saul22047m15h 40m
Breaking Bad56247m48h 34m
Breakout Kings22341m15h 43m
Chuck59142m63h 42m
Doctor Who (2005+)913045m97h 30m
Elementary24842m33h 36m
Fargo22051m17h 00m
Fringe510044m73h 20m
Game of Thrones66056m56h 00m
Heroes47842m54h 36m
Homeland56055m55h 00m
House of Cards45255m47h 40m
Jessica Jones11352m11h 16m
Lie to Me34042m28h 00m
Lost612142m84h 42m
Luther31460m14h 00m
Misfits44445m33h 00m
Orange is the New Black45255m47h 40m
Orphan Black22042m14h 00m
Person of Interest510344m75h 32m
Prison Break48141m55h 21m
Scorpion12242m15h 24m
Sherlock (2010+)31090m15h 00m
Sons of Anarchy79245m69h 00m
Stargate Atlantis510042m70h 00m
Suits57642m53h 12m
The Blacklist36645m49h 30m
The Good Wife613442m93h 48m
The Killing44452m38h 08m
The Walking Dead56743m48h 01m
Weeds810230m51h 00m
White Collar68142m56h 42m